Taurus Accolades!

Posted by admin on May 18, 2009 in Astrology Blog 9 Comments

We have just a few more days left in the Taurus season, so today is my tribute day to them. Taurus ladies like the best of everything. They know quality and aim to have it. These ladies will drive a standout car, have a trendy designer bag, and will have high-quality attire. They will be

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Aries Love. Step Aside Diva Coming Through!

Posted by admin on April 21, 2009 in Astrology Blog 6 Comments

The Aries season ended yesterday, and I almost forgot to post their tribute. I must want my ass whipped These women are adventurous, pushy, smart, self-confident, open, and fun to be around. I love Aries! I have two important Aries in my life, my grandmother, who has transitioned, and my youngest daughter. They make life

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Aquarius Women Love

Posted by admin on February 13, 2009 in Astrology Blog 4 Comments

Aquarius women are people that I like a lot. I like them because they are no nonsense and ambitious. You will always catch them doing their thing and never feeling too concerned about anyone else doing their thing. They work in their corner and that’s what some are annoyed by when it comes to Aquarius.

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Capricorn Women’s Nod!

Posted by admin on January 23, 2009 in Astrology Blog 6 Comments

The Capricorn season has been over for a few days, and I missed their tribute. Here is it is. Capricorn women are hard workers, savvy, and forever moving toward a higher goal. I worked a job where all the Execs were Capricorns, and they were annoying. They thought that people who stayed at the office

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Sagittarius Sisters’ Salute

Posted by admin on December 15, 2008 in Astrology Blog 6 Comments

November 22nd – December 21st is the time of year that Sagittarius women celebrate their birthdays. As with all the other zodiac signs I am paying tribute to the Sagittarius Sisters. First let me say Happy Belated Birthday to my Mother-in-law, Sarah Brimm. She transitioned away from this life in 2007. Her birthday was this

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Scorpio Goddess Tribute!

Posted by admin on November 16, 2008 in Astrology Blog 15 Comments

It’s the time of year to give a nod of approval to Scorpio Women. These powerful, brilliant, intense women are something to behold. These creatures can shock anyone (even someone whom they’ve known a long time) with their emotional fury. Why? Because they play it real cool and controlled most of the time. They are

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Homage to my Libra Ladies

Posted by admin on October 20, 2008 in Astrology Blog 7 Comments

This is the end of the Libra season, so it’s time for their tribute. I love Libra ladies. They are so intriguing and fun to be around. They are loving and charming. They can be the most well-balanced, wise, and sagacious people around. In contrast, if the scales tip in the lives of these ladies

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A Salute to Virgos

Posted by admin on September 18, 2008 in Astrology Blog 15 Comments

Since the Virgo season is about to end for this year, I wanted to be sure to pay a day of homage to the virgin-like, analytical, neat, critical, brilliant, industrious, meticulous, healthy, diligent queens who are also known as Virgo women. For those of you who don’t know I believe strongly in astrological signs as

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