This Mask is a Troublemaker

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We had a fair amount of anxiety about Halloween this year around the house because of the baby being born so close to the trick or treat extravaganza. First there was the issue of me not going out on the candy trek, and then there was the issue of the girls wanting to make their own costumes, and I was swollen, tired, and pregnant. I was actually in no mood to help them make the costumes, but we went to the thrift store and gathered some pieces together to make a costumes. We stared at the pieces and came up with nothing. Then suddenly a blessing from God produced itself. A bag of three unique masks from New Orleans. I thought my sister bought them for the kids, but now I think I bought them 6 years ago on a business trip.  Anyway the girls found them in the closet  a few weeks before the big day and decided that they would wear them out. Costume problem solved.

Halloween came, and I was about 9 days postpartum. My little one was invited to a Halloween party before the candy trek. We dropped her off and went to go look for a new car. I mostly sat in the car protecting my incision while hubby did the leg work. I got a call from a fellow homeschool mom who was at the party. She was very impressed with my daughter’s mask and heard I had a spare one at home. I said I did, but wasn’t home at the time. The called ended there.

An hour later we went to scoop up the 8 year, so daddy could take them out on their trick or treating. First thing daddy said was “You forgot your mask.” Eight year old says “Ms___ said mommy said I should give her the mask and wear the one at home.”  She took my baby’s mask on Halloween! I am instantly livid because I wouldn’t give permission to take my child’s Halloween costume on Halloween. Who am I mommy dearest? That’s like taking Christmas gifts away to send to the mission on Christmas day.

We arrived home and I am still peeved. My husband said,” just leave it. Don’t say anything.” He went out to pick up the 12 year old, and I jumped on the phone to vent to my sister. The thief would have gotten away with coaxing my daughter out of her mask, if it hadn’t been for my meddling sister. While I’m in the middle of venting on her landline, my sister picks up her cell phone and calls the mask thief. It happened very fast. I heard my sister yelling, calling names, demanding the mask be returned, and it was just awful. I was floored. Not because Ms. Thief didn’t deserve to be cursed out, but I just don’t hand out verbal ass-whipping like that when a person is connected to my child. My sister doesn’t have those same convictions because she doesn’t have any children.

Anyway, it doesn’t end there. While still on the landline with my sister, who is very heated because Ms. Thief said she would bring back the mask with “a can of whoop-ass” for my sister, I get a call. It’s from who else? Ms. Thief. She’s reprimanding my about my sister’s call. I was calm, and told her she did not have authorization to take the mask, and that she needs to call the person (my sister) who called her to discuss. I told her that I had just had the baby, and was dealing with a lot and didn’t have the time or energy to discuss this. I was literally boiling breast pump tubes for a pump I had just bought while all this was going on because my baby is not latching on. Ms. Thief didn’t seem to hear my pleas for her to cease and desist, so she just kept plowing ahead “setting me straight.”

The last logical thing I remember saying about 5 times was “please check yourself right now, I just had a baby and I really can’t talk about this right now.” From there everything else I said became littered with What TF, How TF, who TF do you think you are? Get the F off my phone, and I called her a nasty names that begins with a capital B. It was really ugly. Girlfriend, still didn’t get why she was wrong.

However, she came back that night with my baby’s mask in time for my child to wear it out trick or treating.

I later sent a rational email explaining that she had not been given authorization to take anything from my child and that she should have called to say she had it, like she called to get a mask initially. I also told her is was rude to call a new mom with any bull like, asking for a mask, fussing about my sister, and any other bull. I also apologized for calling her a capital B word. I wish I hadn’t apologized for that because I can only think of that word when I see her face in my head.

I also had to explain to my sister that she had ruined some activities for my kids by flying off, cursing the lady out. Moms know that we don’t handle every situation like that when it comes to our kids.

Anyway, that mask is a troublemaker. The woman is a B-word, my sister is a shit stirrer (who gets a pass this time), and I am a postpartum mom who is not the one to steal on.


  • daaang! now why do people have to take it there? trying to get over on the young one plus thinking you’re stupid.

    lol @ your sister. (i can’t help it :-/)

  • Oh boy! How awful to have to deal with that especially after bringing home baby. I am sooooo sorry! I am glad it all got resolved, hopefully next Halloween will be better.

  • Wow!! On so many levels, wow! I totally agree that how we deal with matters with our kids…it takes a lot of finesse. At the same time, I’m glad the baby got her mask back. That would have boiled my blood too…taking things from little ones is just not ok. I think some adults feel like kids just have to deal with whatever grown up bs they want to throw at them. Ugh, but it’s all good and lol “I wish I hadn’t apologized for that” I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  • Daaaaaang, Homie! You SO didn’t need that right after giving birth!!! I can only imagine how long it took you to settle down and release that stress from your system. How’s baby doing? Is it a boy as expected, and does he have the same name as my li’l one, or did he pull a surprise move, leaving you to give him a new name altogether? If I’m being nosy, puhleaase let me know — don’t want to add to the mask drama w/ added stress.

    So, will you little ones being wearing masks again next Halloween?? 🙂

  • Hehehe. Can’t help identifying with your sis. She was in full protector mode wasn’t she? I can also identify with your horror of wondering how you were gonna fix the situation. Part of me is thinking that maybe no kid activities with Ms. Thief isn’t such a bad idea if she is into manipulating the kiddos out of their Halloween costumes… what’s next? Getting them to hand over all of their Monopoly money and property? Lol.

    Hope you are able to de-stress and I hope that baby will start to view the boobies as friends soon.

  • @Ms.Bar B. & Fly Tie, my sister is older and has been protecting me from way back. I remember her saying “she’s trying to take advantage of you because you had a baby,” and that was all she wrote. I really can’t be mad at her.

    @ Execumama it is a boy, he is Sage Haki Brimm. If you email me brooke at jewelryrockstar dot com, I’ll send you a link to his pics.

    Still a little stressed about it. Ms. Bar B. you are right. My kids need to stay far away from her. I have seen her high on weed before (at an adult event) and I suspect she may have been high that night. I just can’t understand a person like this, and that keeps messing me up mentally.

    New baby is still not latching on, not nursing at all really. Just stares at the breasts like they are a joke. I’ve seen this before, so I am not giving up hope. I saw an ad that said it takes 6 weeks for some to learn to breast feed.

  • I cannot believe the gall of that woman. To straight out lie to a child is reprehensible. I am sorry that you had all of this drama but so glad that the mask was returned.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Unexpected Mail =-.

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