The Year in Review

Posted by admin on December 26, 2009 in Blog Rockstar Musings
  • We gained Barack Hussein Obama as President and a beautiful First Family – It was a cold, proud, historic, and awe-inspiring day and I was there!100_6339
  • We lost Michael Joseph Jackson, a legendary performer and philanthropist – Still not right about this. I sometimes well up when I hear one of his songs. I’m really intrigued watching the reality show with his brothers. I wonder what the dynamic was like with him in the brotherly mix because it’s sort of a comedy show now.


  • Had a beautiful baby boy! Boy oh boy was I shocked when  I found he was coming. I told myself  “I’m too old,” “I don’t remember how to have a baby,” I whined about not having wine, I lived on my couch for 8 months, and now I have a beautiful little guy, and can’t imagine our family without him. BTW- for those of your who may have been wondering, I finally got him latched on and nursing well at 6.5 – 7 weeks old. Told I could do it. Here’s to being a “new old parent.”
  • Infidelity has been a huge theme this year thanks to the famous folks who messed up.  Thanks to A. Keys,ak and swizz Gov. Sanford, Tiger, Shaquille, Steve McNair, John Edwards, for shining the light on an issue that affects us all.
  • Been a bunch of Numskull activity in the country. Just ask the birthers, tea partyers, fox newsers, town hall meeters, and going rougers, and other ding-dongs.
  • Found out that people in Bangladesh are living on water because America is using up all the Earth’s resources:( So ashamed… I’m using cloth diapers on a part-time basis, I’m trying to do better y’all)
  • Dealing with the Mask Thief, WTF? That was a bad experience for me and I see her all the time now. We pretend it didn’t happen for the sake of the children.
  • Created beautiful meals this year thanks to the state of the economy. Such a joy to get so many compliments from my family after a great meal.
  • Reconnected with old friends and distant family on Facebook. Also wasted a bunch of time on facebook too.
  • Wasted a bunch time on twitter, and comcast forums too!
  • Spent a bunch of valuable time on That thing is informative. I don’t usually watch the bull, I watch the instruction and music. I’ve decided to grow my hair long because there are so many black women out there on youtube who have convinced me I can and have shown me step-by-step how to do it! Wish me luck! I’ll report in about 6 or 7 months.
  • Finally got my site up and had my first Love’s Gumbo  Sistah circle. In 2010, I’m going to do a Love’s Gumbo Sistah circle online!
  • Can’t forget that I left Blogspot and etsy to start this wordpress site, which I am loving (although it has some drawbacks)

Other News

  • Back to pre-pregnancy weight, but  now I will try to lose that 17 lbs I’ve been in denial about for the last 4 years.
  • Haven’t been able to make any jewelry and I’m missing it BIG TIME!!!
  • Very close to our move, can’t wait!
  • Business is picking back up and I’m in full swing planning a shoot and print ad campaign.
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