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Posted by admin on June 29, 2010 in Pop Culture History Rockstar Musings

I got an email today with a picture of this:

Someone sent me this image by email
Someone sent me this image by email

It’s Naomi Campbell at a fashion photo shoot. Her wardrobe stylist was futzing with her outfit, and when she slung her “hair” back it revealed a huge bald spot. This isn’t the first image of Naomi with balding edges. She’s had them for several years. When I googled something pertaining to her hairline, I was met with a barrage of nasty blog posts about her disappearing hairline.

I know this woman has whooped many of ask with cellphones, her fists, and PDAs. However, she did her time for those ass-whippins and she deserves more respect than this. I know she has made some enemies along the way, however Naomi is 40 years old and has been in the Fashion industry since she was about 16 years old. Most of can’t say we’ve been doing anything for that long. She has worn many of weaves, wigs, braids, etc. to present the image that society wants her to present. Presenting that image on a continuous basis means she has had to sacrifice her hairline. It’s a common thing that happens to women of African descent. She has probably not taken the time to let her hair line rest from the constant pulling, tugging, gelling, pressing, relaxing, etc. that has been expected of her over the past 24 years or so.

I too have lost my hair twice. Once with baby number one and just recently with baby number three.
I used Jamaican Black Castor Oil on this last bout, and my hair returned within weeks, however the experience was embarrassing for me and it hurt. Because you know I am vain!

Anyway, I am posting this in support of Naomi Campbell. She has been the ideal image that the fashion, music, and beauty industry asked her to be, while having to sacrifice her true natural beauty.


Please don’t try to embarrass her now that she has been who you’ve wanted her to be.


  • We are so NOT nice to each other, eh? There isn’t one of us who hasn’t had a bad hair, gut sticking out, ashy armed or Universe be darned ashy-lipped photo taken at some time or another.

    I chuckled at the image initially, probably out of my own nervousness, hair is a BIG part of the female identity and larger still for Black women, it would seem. I remember being gripped by the pain on the face of a woman who sat beside me on a subway train in NYC, she was balding right at the top of her head and the painful stares of people standing above her, looking down with disgust, disdain and quite a bit of laughter was palpable. No one should be subject to that type of embarassment.

    I’d venture to guess, the bloggers who’ve posted the unflattering pics probably have never even met Ms. Campbell-this is all about lowering her beneath the standards they’ve set for themselves, tsk tsk sistren.
    .-= T.Allen-Mercado´s last blog ..Dead =-.

  • I’m with you on this for real! I’m never a fan of personal-type attacks on people just because they’re famous, but this is really low. I agree with the above, given the deep-rooted stuff that goes with being a black woman and hair. Not cool. Her past behavior hasn’t been all that great, but this doesn’t help at all. I wish we’d (people in general) spend more time lifting each other up instead of this stuff.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..I love my hair- =-.

  • Numerous white women have been in the modeling/entertainment industry for 20 or 30+ years, but their hairlines are no where NEAR this. They aren’t bald under wigs. Naomi Campbell is in an industry where white hair is vogue. Straight hair is GQ. I appreciate her career and I appreciate how she’s represented black women in a white modeling world, but she should have been more conscious of her hair and its health. White stylists aren’t always aware of what’s good for our hair and we have to stand up for ourselves and our hair.

  • The link above shows a white woman with just a few strands of hair. She is balding too. We can say Naomi could and should have done this, that, and the next thing. My point is we shouldn’t try to make a mockery of her for what she hasn’t done. We wouldn’t want anyone making a mockery of our sink full of dirty dishes or our pinned up bra strap.

  • @RW Are you privy to Naomi Campbell’s medical records which rule out alopecia or other skin/autoimmune disorders?

    The problem herein is not whether or not she could have or should have taken precautions, it is that the public has denounced this woman for the choices they assume she made. (And even if she did-it’s her balding head-so what.) How does anyone know her stylists have been White? And since the one White woman who came forward to discuss her skin/scalp condition was supported, and revered for her bravery, we cannot, again, assume that White supermodels have hair under their weaves or wigs. This is another case of othering-Naomi Campbell has been outed as not so super in spite of a remarkable career and the public is all too happy to jump in and exploit her.
    .-= t. allen-mercado´s last blog ..Three =-.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more on this… Oh and thanks for the mention of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I’m going to buy some/try it on my edges as I’ve noticed some thinning to them lately. *sigh*

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