New Jewelry Line: Affirmation Symbols

Posted by admin on March 1, 2015 in Blog Rockstar Musings

I have been writing affirmations & words of wisdom and giving them to others for about 6 years (even before I became a Metaphysical Practitioner) and I’ve been designing jewelry since about 2003. I got the idea about 18 months ago to combine the two things. Finally, I put that idea into action.

I took my jewelry out to a show yesterday, and it did quite well. People got it, and they bought it. Plus I’ve gotten a couple of custom orders. These are designs and affirmations, which are made custom for a person according to whatever challenge or concern that they present to me. The general pieces are $20.00 The custom pieces are $60.00. Both come with an affirmation card, which should be repeated daily.

You might ask, what is the significance of Affirmations.


  1. They remind you that you are brought to the world to experience everything that you want. Even when it seems far away from you, an affirmation keeps your vision and your revelations clear in your mind.
  2. If you speak it and meditate on your affirmation, you send out affirming vibrations to the universe concerning your desires. In other words, you send out YESes and not NOs to your innermost desires!
  3. They keep you on track and on purpose when you repeat and say them daily!
  4. They uplift you and keep your Spirit hopeful.


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