Need Some Garnet to Deal with My Family Reunion

Posted by admin on June 8, 2010 in Blog Crystal Properties

Soooo I had a conversation with my mother last year, in which we discussed relatives who were ill and aging. During that conversation I said that I would plan a family reunion to get all together. Off I went scoping out parks and places to have the event. I checked insurance rates for some places and seating capacity, etc. You know the usual event planning stuff. I narrowed it down to a few places and got a call from a senior family member about getting a committee together for the family reunion. He didn’t really know who I was, but he thought he had met me at Thanksgiving, NOT! I wasn’t in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, so it was another cousin my age.

Anyhoo, My mom and I set up a date and place and I PAID $200.00 to secure the place. The committee (me and a bunch of Senior members of the family) has been discussing arguing about the details of the event, and now I feel it’s time to call in the Garnet.

I have quit the committee, I have gotten into a huge argument with my mother, and somehow my sister has too, and she’s not even on the committee. So far the only person who has put any money up for this event is me and my husband, but there is a bunch of gum flapping about what should be happening, what we should be eating, and what days everything should happen on.

Garnet is said to promote fellowship and to negate stubbornness. My family has a bunch of stubborn people right now, so we need garnet pronto. We want our reunion to be a success, but we have a bunch of senior members who have years of bossiness and years of baggage, and it’s all manifesting into potato salad wars and turkey dressing humbug.

Garnet also is a protection, which I think we need right now because someone might just haul-off and smack someone else with a side of roast beef if we aren’t careful. These same family members threatened to have a brawl with each other at my sister’s wedding. “Ring exchange be damned, I’m gonna kick this b*tches ask.” Yeah, I think it went something like that.
I am trying to meditate with a woo-sah, a oooomm, and a sereeennnnee over here because as I mentioned earlier, I put a deposit down on the hall and the remaining balance needs to be paid, but all these bosses haven’t put up sh*t.
Garnet, please bring out the motivation for other family members to pay that hall reservation balance. I have read that you are said to promote it. Garnet, please encourage us to have the devotion to the main goal of getting together in love and PEACE!

Garnet help us please!!!!


  • Oh Brooke, as the family planner-organizer-all-around-person-who-likes-to-get-things-done-the-RIGHT-way, I hear you and I’m gonna rub on my garnet and send some peaceful energies your way.

    It is SO hard to have a voice with which to speak your piece amongst the elders in their fixed “I’m 4 times grown and then some mo'” mentality. TRUST me, it has nearly come to blows to get the people to feel me without “touching” ’em. Oooh I’m hot FOR you. Good luck!
    .-= T.Allen-Mercado´s last blog ..Er…Um…Uh =-.

  • These folks call “I’m older than you” on each other and they are like 78 and 74 years old. Somehow in their minds the 4 years gives them authority even though we are all grown adults.

  • Family…*sigh* Can’t live with em’…Can’t live without em’. (Or soooooo it is said). Now about this garnet —> I.TOO.NEED.IT.IN.MY.LIFE!!! 🙂

    Hope everything works out.

  • Oh no!! I felt this one Brooke…not a good scene. I do hope the finish the balance and I hope for peace too. I tend to avoid these sorts of things like the plague. I once offered to “help”, ended up being the committee chair, and then got bootedo out and talked about, lol! Come on garnet, work it out!!

  • Jennifer, I very literally laughed very loudly out loud when you said you were booted out and talked about. That is soooo family and church family and girl scout mommy, and any organization of human stuff. Hehehe.

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