Lapis Lazuli For Truth, Enlightenment, & Anger Relief

Posted by admin on December 6, 2014 in Blog Crystal Properties

It’s been rough. Things are tough. We are angry and in need of enlightenment and truth. Lies are being strewn about like rice at a wedding. Frustration is prevalent on all sides, and it’s becoming gut-wrenching. I am wound up as I write this. Too wound up to go to sleep. Too wound up to meditate. Too wound up to read anymore. All I can do right now is write. Lapis Lazuli is said to relieve anger, I need this.


I believe that we as a country will find our way, but right now it seems so foggy and the visibility of light seems so far away. Lapis Lazuli is said to open the Third Eye, I need this.


Co-signing of Police brutality is what makes us seething with anger this week. However,every week there is something new. Last week it was sexual abuse & misconduct. The week before that it was the election results. We just run from thing to thing, angry, disappointed, shocked, appalled. The thing that feels darkest to me is when people reveal what they truly think and feel. There is so much fear. Retreating to the same corners, and there seems to be no real enlightenment. No matter how many well thought out pieces I read online, I can always go to the comment section of said piece and feel a sense of hopelessness for humanity. Lapis Lazuli is said to balance Female & male energy, we need this.


I know that humanity is getting better because of all of this. That’s why I stay in the fight, pulling out my shield and sword of clicks, taps, and carefully strung together words. However, it’s bloody out here. It’s ugly. It’s dark. Darkest before dawn, I believe. Lapis Lazuli, send your enlightenment, I need this.

We need to grab a leather cord, or a silver chain and find a pendant of Lapis Lazuli, and clutch it instead of our pearls. It’s said to bring forth truth and enlightenment. I’ve been angry, I need some relief, for real. It’s said to open your third eye and to balance your male & female energy, there seems to be so much violence and so much lack of compassion & lack of justice, we need this. All I can say to having it in my life is…yes please!


Right now in the moment.

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