If a Virgo were an…

Posted by admin on September 23, 2010 in Astrology Blog
  • If a Virgo were a fruit it would be a Passion fruit. Not quite what you think it is. It sounds good and looks good on the outside. It has a great public appearance, but once you open it up each layer is different. The very inside layer is hard to understand or even distinguish. It certainly doesn’t end up being what you thought it would be when you happened by.
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  • If a Virgo were a drink it would be a Long Island Iced Tea. Splashes of this and that, and the next thing, but amazingly the end result is something that you would never think. And who thought it up anyway, probably a Virgo.
  • If a Virgo were a toy it would be a Legos. All kinds of little pieces that can be put together into wonderfully amazing works of art and science.
  • I a Virgo were a vegetable it would be a Okra. Great if prepared just right, but can also be yucky if overly prepared and fussed over.  Okra also picks up on all the flavors around it, and make a stew just right if added at the right time.  Virgos love to soak what’s going on around them, and then analyze to make it better. Virgos can be overly analytical, so they need to be prepared for whatever it is they are doing, and then they need to trust the process. Too much analyzing can be extremely detrimental.
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    • Aaah Virgos, can’t live with ’em or without ’em. Their over and overtly analytical ways leave me shell-bound. Too bad they’re often so damn attractive and charismatic I can’t help but stick my ultra sensitive moody cancer head out just a little.
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