If a Scorpio Were a…

Posted by admin on November 21, 2010 in Astrology Blog
  • If a Scorpio were a fruit it would be a Kiwi Fruit. They are fuzzy on the outside. Once you open them up they are brilliant and interesting, and most times sweet and delightful on the inside. However, if you pick it up on the wrong day, you may get the most unpleasant surprise of your life. They may be sharp, tingly, and a little bitter.


  • If a Scorpio were a drink it would be a Fuzzy Navel. A yummy yummy treat, but very very sneaky. Because it tastes so good you forget that’s it’s a intoxicant. Before you know it, the buzz sneaks up on you like a Scorpio sneaks around doing whatever it is they do.
  • If a Scorpio were a toy it would be a Trivial Pursuit
  • . Very very brilliant with awesome and endless knowledge. Also very challenging and intriguing. You may never all the answers when it comes to a Scorpio.

  • If a Scorpio were a vegetable it would be a Banana Pepper . Innocent looking and usually gives you what you expect, but sometimes way spicier than you’d ever imagine.

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    • Haha! I love this. My mom’s a scorpio and so you hit on some things that definitely resonated 😀 My mom is adorable and sweet, but don’t mess with her…she’s got fire for sure and the smartest woman I know. She can do anything from replacing a garbage disposal to calculus and she’s a writer!
      .-= Jen´s last blog ..Hello wall =-.

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