If a Libra were a…

Posted by admin on October 11, 2010 in Astrology Blog
  • If a Libra were a fruit it would be a Banana. Sweet and workable in many different recipes. Just throwing one in the mix makes everything that much better. Nice and dependable. However, the banana must be just right and ripe in order for it to work. If it’s not right, it’s just an annoyance and nothing but time and space can smooth it out. Libras must have the space to balance or else they are just not enjoyable.


  • If a Libra were a drink it would be a Toasted Almond. A soothing creamy drink with a warm hint of nuttiness and a coffee kick to keep you on your toes.
  • If a Libra were a toy it would be a Jenga
  • . The key is to trend lightly and to keep things balanced or else it could all fall a part. If you take something from a Libra do it carefully and remember to replace it lovingly or else mayhem will follow.

  • If a Libra were a vegetable it would be a garlic. That extra something that is needed to make a boring dish interesting. It’s great for your health and it leaves a lasting impression. However, if it gets burned it can become bitter.

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