If a Leo were a…

Posted by admin on July 27, 2012 in Astrology Blog

A full year has passed and it’s time to create a new astrology format. This year it will be a description game. The items will always be the same for every sign. The answers will be different according to what I think I know about these sun signs. Here we go:

    1. If a Leo were a fruit it would be a starfruit. Very interesting to look at on the outside, squishy on the inside and sometimes sweet and sometimes tart. It’s the kind of fruit that you at least have to stop and ponder.


    1. If a Leo were a drink it would be a Sex on the Beach. Very very yummy and enjoyable, but it sometimes makes you blush just to think of it.
    2. If a Leo were a toy it would be a Diva Starz. Cute looking, but always running it’s mouth saying the wrong things.

  1. If a Leo were a vegetable it would be a Scotch Bonnet pepper. Really really hot, fiery and something that takes a long time to get out of your taste.


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