Help us mourn, Smoky Quartz

Posted by admin on July 9, 2009 in Blog Crystal Properties

Someone said to me the other day that” America is in mourning” and it really resonated with my soul. We are mourning. Of course the biggest and most devastating loss for many Americans and much of the world right now is the loss of Michael Jackson. However, we were in mourning before he transitioned. No, I don’t mean Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon, although they were terrible losses for America as well. I don’t even mean the most recent death of Steve McNair, the football player who was caught dead in the middle of an affair with a 20 -year old. Although personally, I am mourning the loss of a father for those children, and the loss of the 20-year old’s life. I wish her youth had not stood in the way of her realizing that he was probably the type of man that would just move on to the next chick, and that he wasn’t worth her life.

Although all of those are great losses, we have been in mourning for about a year I think, if not longer. We are at war. We have lost jobs. We have lost homes. We have lost retirement funds. For some who have been struck by natural disasters, we have lost stability. When we look at the music, media, and movies in America, it seems we have lost our dignity.
We haven’t lost our souls, our spirits, and our divinity.

We can regain everything we’ve lost and more. First, we have to properly mourn. We need to acknowledge that we are mourning, feel the pain, and then release what’s been lost. Smoky quartz is a stone that can help us do that. That’s what Ancient Romans believed. Even if you aren’t mourning, you are coming into contact with people who are on a daily basis. Smoky Quartz can help to absorb the negative emotions they are giving off.

One more thing that smoky quarts does that is good for me too. It helps with back pain, which as nearly 40 year old preggo woman I am experiencing a lot of. It’s a good thing I have an adjustable smoky quarts ring if it wasn’t adjustable, me fatty fingers wouldn’t be able to wear it until sometime after the end of October, hehehe.

If you believe in the spiritual properties of crystals, go out and pick up some smoky quartz. I think we could all use some.


  • I didn't realize smokey quartz could absorb negative vibes. I think I need to get some.

  • I love your insights in this post. I think you are so right. It's definitely time for the smoky quartz for sure. I need some too.

  • This is an awesome post! I love how you put this…I agree that we are in mourning over quite a lot. There has been a lot of loss and I SO feel you that in terms of "entertainment" we've lost our dignity. There is such wisdom here and compassion too 🙂

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  • i like those sentiments and how you pulled it together. another stone to add to my collection.

    "which as nearly 40 year old preggo woman I am experiencing a lot of."

    for a split second i had forgotten you were pregnant!

    eeeeek!! *gets all excited tingly all over again like when you first wrote about it* 😀

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