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Posted by admin on August 6, 2010 in Blog Pop Culture History

If you weren’t around in the 70’s to see Blaxploitation movies on the big screen, you may have seen them in the middle of the night on Television. If you don’t know what genre of movie I am talking about let me fill you in really quick. There’s always a super cool well-dressed Black man (or sometimes lady) as the lead. The movies are filled with action, quintessential 70’s funky music, and there is usually a beautiful coke bottle black women that shimmers like an African Goddess. One of those Goddesses is Gloria Hendry. In the 70’s she rocked a Teeny-weeny Afro (and a huge natural) and glimmering skin beneath to die for rags (that’s what we called them back then, “bad rags”).

Truthfully speaking, I’ve only recently within the last 20 years or so viewed these type films because I was too young in the 70’s. However, to see Gloria Hendry brings back a sense of Black Pride that was palpable in that day. She was also a Bond girl in Live and Let Die. The first Black to actually be romantically involved with James Bond.

While doing my research for this post, I was happy to find that this Beauty is still around working, and she still looks awesome! She is the same height as me, but she is about 30 lbs lighter than me. So of course, I had to write a mental note to myself to take off at least 20lbs. if I want to look as good as her at 61 years old. I wouldn’t be a Leo if I didn’t do that.

9506872_galGloria_Hendrygloria hendry
Ms. Hendry is also in For the Love of Ivy


  • Wow, what a beautiful woman. Her hair and body were awesome. I’m an 80s baby so I’m not as up on my Blaxploitation as I should be. I don’t even think I have seen any of the films all the way through. I’m gonna have to change that. Even though I’m an 80s baby, I’m in love with 70’s disco, and the era gives me the same sense of Black Pride that you spoke of.

  • Wow, she’s gorgeous *spits out cookie does like 200 crunches*!! Hahaha…I forgot that you were a leo. I have to check back to see if I missed your birthday.

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