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Posted by admin on November 2, 2012 in Blog Crystal Properties

I got an email today describing the testimony given by Officer Mehserle from Oakland California. He was the Police Officer who shot Oscar Grant III on New Years Eve 2009. The trial is coming to a close now, and the verdict is expected very soon.

Mr. Mehserle claims he mistakenly thought he was choosing his taser gun to tase Mr. Grant, but shot him with a bullet gun instead. I watched the video, which I won’t link here because if kind of messed me up for weeks. I won’t do that to you. In the video he did looked shocked after what he had done, but it may have been the crowds reaction that jolted him back to reality. It didn’t necessarily have to be that he used the wrong gun. Whatever the the truth is, Mr. Mehserle really needed to have had his wits about him for the job he was doing.

I wish he had some Emerald on him to give him the right state of mind for this job. Sad thing is he not only took the life of a man with a young child, he ruined his own life and career. He himself had a baby born on the day of this brain fart. I also feel that he is responsible the 4 police officers killed 3 months after this incident. I know some may think it’s a stretch, but emotions ran very high during that time in Oakland. In my opinion, the rage the guy felt who killed those police officers was in direct response to the energy that was circulating around. I will say again, this is how I feel. You may not agree and that’s okay.


The verdict is due out very soon, so I am hoping the people of Oakland will have their wits about them, and not become violent if it doesn’t go their way. We know that many times, even with video evidence, verdicts don’t go our way. Lets hold tight to the Emerald to have our wits about us please. Let’s be safe.


Speaking of wits and Police officers, there was another incident that occurred a few days ago that makes me question the wits of the men in Blue. In Tampa Florida, two police officers were killed during a routine traffic stop. However, here’s where it wasn’t so routine. There was a girl driving the car that was stopped for an obstructed license plate. The passenger was the one who was the killer. Why? He was being brought in for writing a bad check in Jacksonville, FL. I have been stopped before with both my husband and myself in the car, but I don’t ever remember them checking both of our licenses. What was that about? Why did they check him? Were they harassing him or checking him out because he was a young black male? Not to say that they deserved to die over it. Absolutely not! I just wonder if they would be alive today if they had just checked the driver, like a normal traffic stop? Having your wits about you many times means just being fair and open-minded. With police officers having your wits about you may mean, shake down or shoot the usual suspects or those you consider public enemy #1.


Continuing in this wits in brain vein, the suspected killer is still on loose!!!! Why? Because the police in Tampa keep looking in the same places over and over again. They are convinced that the community is hiding him, so they have been violating the privacy of citizens to find him to no avail. Come to find out that this dude may have been involved with 3 other killings, plus 2 officers which brings the total to 5 deaths. The chief of police stated that the community at-large is not in danger though. I beg to differ, if a man kills three people in a community that you feel doesn’t matter much, that community is still in danger. It doesn’t matter whether you value the lives that live in that community, the community is in danger. Police chief, you could find the killer if you had your wits about you and looked somewhere else. The longer you feel as if the community he has been victimizing is hiding him, the longer you will go without finding your cop-killer.

Okay folks say it with me, Emerald for gathering our wits about us! Lives are at stake. If you can’t handle a job where lives are in the balance, please don’t take one. You see I just stay over her twisting wire and clay because I know what I can do and what I can’t do.

Someone on Facebook told me that it’s Police Officer Appreciation week. I want to send out a special appreciation and a big hug for officers who have their wits about them. For those who don’t I want to offer some Emerald, so that we don’t lose anymore lives.

I apologize if you came over here expecting some jewelry chatter and I got all deep on you, I post about serious things here too. Come back another day for light-hearted jibber-jabber, today is not the day.

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  • Brooke, I can’t handle the police stuff. It’s been rough out there. I really love the emerald you posted here!
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