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Posted by admin on October 15, 2010 in Blog Rockstar Musings

Vanity 6 hang

My music, albeit uplifting, positive, deep, and thought-provoking, is littered with adult language:( They are meaningful curse words and purposeful N-words :/ (that’s how I tried to explain this to my kids). I compare my filthy language music to the current radio bull, and It’s very complicated. I want my kids to love Erykah, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, SA-RA, Bilal, Mary J., and countless others like I do…but they curse a lot. Who am I kidding, I curse a lot too, that’s why I like them. However, I don’t buy or listen to music that doesn’t have a positive message, does that make any sense??? I hope so. I don’t do grey areas very well, but when it comes to my mouth and my music I am squarely in the grey area.

Other words that I am contemplating is my positive self talk. I have been writing and saying affirmations for years. I have a long list of things on my affirmations, and guess what? Most of them have come to past. I use them to keep me on track and to keep me progressing, and they actually work. Now it’s time to reevaluate what I am needing in my life right now, so that I can start my new affirmations. I am scrapping all my old ones and making up a whole new bunch. Get this, my husband hipped me to a technique he uses for his affirmations. He records them on his iphone and plays them to himself. I tried this and love it, so my new words of love and progression will go on my iphone to be played when I need an extra boost.


  • Sounds good. What better way to cement a positive message than with your own words IN your own words! Cute earrings btw!

    Curse words… I’m all for em’. They really do serve a purpose. With a 7 year old, I can relate to that conversation about curse words, their importance (to us) and why or why they shouldn’t be used by the kiddos, lol. My daughter once recited some lyrics back to me, and after saying “ass”, she said, “Its ok Mom, I can say that, its a part of the lyrics”, lol. I think I’d encourage it in her own writings one day (she loves to write), but we come up with words/lines that rhyme to replace the colorful language that she might be tempted to say.

    Groove on!

  • The words in your own words thing is super powerful. I remember as a child listening to the Last Poets and although it was forbidden by my mother, I knew that what they were saying meant something very important. Their stuff was peppered with adult language. “N-words are scared of revolution!”

  • I lean to the very far left with rules regarding language. My son uses pretty colorful stuff in his music and I’ve seen a few well-placed expletives in my daughter’s creative writing. The only time I grimace is if they’re being used superfluously. They can be powerful descriptors and give incredible life to the words in their company when used properly, so yeah…I suppose I’m sort of a fan of the dirty word.
    .-= T.Allen-Mercado´s last blog ..On my way to bed =-.

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