Beyond the Lights, My New “Chick Flick” Mental Health Break Movie

Posted by admin on December 1, 2014 in Blog Pop Culture History

I have very few movies that are in my regular “chick flick” Mental health Break rotation. One is Love Jones and the other is Love & Basketball. Now I am adding a new one, Beyond the Lights. It’s no shock to me that it is written & directed by the same person who wrote & directed Love & Basketball, Gina Prince Bythewood. I love her work. I feel her work. It’s empowering, healthy, and soothing to women. It shows the true struggles of women who are fighting to be healthy. Women who are struggling to use their voices, their gifts, and their purposes for their own happiness and the happiness of their families. For me this is real.

I am not into the broken fixers characters, who shake and shutter inside, while feigning strength on the outside. Week in and week out sacrificing dignity and divinity over and over again for “love”. Nope, I’m not into that, no matter how popular it is. (I will not name any names, but there are writers who put out this kind of disempowering trash, disguised as empowerment, and get lauded for it.)


I am into the beautiful struggle of birthing pains that happen while a character fights to live her peace, freedom, and truth. Beyond the Lights, gave me that. Both characters struggled to get to that place. The movie left me feeling that they could make it. They could be healthy and happy. That they had a beautiful future that would be celebrated, respected, protected, and valued by each other and all the world.


Of course, it gave me the sexy loves scenes that I love about a chick flick. I love overly romantic love scenes with sexy sex. I won’t lie, I do. A chick flick is nothing to me without it. It also gave me the knight in shining armor thing that I love about Chick Flicks. Hey, I’m a chick, and when I’m in fantasyland, I need the man to be the knight, although I know in real life, we chicks do our share of saving men.

Anyway, I am over the moon happy about Beyond the Lights. It’s PG-13, so I can go back to see it with my 13 year old & 18 year old while it’s in theaters. After that, I’ll be buying the DVD for emergency “chick flick” mental health breaks.

Update: This sent me over the moon again! The Writer & director of this movie read my piece and tweeted me. Woot Woot


  • Oh, how cool for the director to have reached out. 🙂

    I like the contrast you made between the internal conflict taking place within the leading character in this film vs. the main character in another popular tv program. That’s great.

    We saw Beyond the Lights the other night, and I wasn’t sure quite how to take the film or how to relate to it, I guess. After reading this, though, I’ll have to watch it again. I’m sure I’ll gain a new perspective.

    (It was so interesting to learn that the character’s name is Noni, since that’s what we call our little one, after the Hawaiian Noni plant/fruit…which we make juice from and I drank a lot of while pregnant.. 😀 )

    But, yeah. I’m gonna check it out again…

    Thank you!

  • I have not seen the movie yet. Honestly I had not planned on seeing it. Your review has me considering it though.

    I also really like what you have to say about female characters that appear confident and strong on the surface but aren’t quite so when you dig just a little deeper.

  • @flyTie. I was so elated to see that tweet. I love every bit of her work. For me the story was relatable because I could relate to breaking free from what people thought I wanted to be or what they wanted me to be, so that I could be myself and what I want.

    @Chasing Joy, You won’t regret seeing this one. Lots of great messaging and it’s beautiful love story too.

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