What would a Taurus Say?

Posted by admin on May 19, 2010 in Astrology

We’re at the end of the Taurus season, so here’s my post.

What would an Taurus say? The questions for each zodiac sign are always the same, but the responses will be according to what I think the particular Sun sign would say. You be the judge on my level of accuracy.

Here we go: What would an Taurus say…

1) What Should I wear

Highly expensive, materials, high quality construction, and a highly recognizable brand.

2) How much will I get paid?

Hopefully more than I’m worth. I like money, but don’t always like to work too hard for it.

3) What did she mean by that?

I Have what it takes to live a wonderful and successful life, it doesn’t matter what she meant by that. Unless of course, she was admiring what I have.

4) Is he looking at me?

Like I said “I have what it takes, so yes he was probably looking at me.”.

5) How will it get done?

The hard way, the hard way, the hard way. Even when I know it’s the hard way, still charge ahead doing it the hard way…sigh.

6) Do they need me?

Yes, and I will help them out the hard way.

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  • I looooooooove this! I’m a Taurus and always wondering why I have to do everything the hard way, lol! The whole thing is pretty dead on 🙂

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