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Posted by admin on September 2, 2010 in Blog Crystal Properties


Today I went over to facebook and there were a barrage of “TI sucks” posts. Why, do you ask does TI suck? He’s been arrested again while still on parole. This time his new wife Tiny was with him. They were riding around in a Maybach smoking weed. A really bright pair. TIP & Tiny Amethyst is here to help you use your God given strength on the inside to stay away from the weed, E, & syrup.

Of course, they aren’t the only ding-dongs out here. Fantasia is also a dipsy doodle. She’s been prancing around on all the blogs with someone’s else husband for MONTHS, and as soon as it hits the court system and Nancy Grace, she decides to end it all by taking some sleeping pills. Surprisingly enough, her manager found her in a closet. I suppose she called the manager to say she was ending it all or maybe he goes around checking the closets of her mansion regularly. Her explanation was that she was sick of being done wrong by people, especially men. I think she may have been doing herself wrong. Months ago when asked about this man, of whom by the way she had a huge tat of his name, she said he was hot and that she didn’t know him all in the same statement. Amethyst is here Tasia to help you stop playing the victim, and to get in touch with you baby.

Another person who seems to have lost her mind is NeNe. She dumped her husband and dumped her nose too. The nose doesn’t look good, I’m sorry to say. I wish I could say it does. NeNe Amethyst is here to help you love you. The lovely beautiful you that God made and that your hubby saw before you let Hollywood sweep you up.

Why are these folks trying to self-sabotage themselves and their careers? Well this young lady has the answer for you.

Well whatever the reason for the foolishness we could use some amethyst to remind us who we are and to help us get back to our innate wisdom and strength. Myself included. I do my share of forgetting who I am, and I probably do my share of self-sabotage as well. Let’s wear some amethyst and hold it real tight the next time we decided to act a fool, maybe we’ll rethink and choose inner wisdom.

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