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If a Leo were a…

Posted by admin on July 27, 2012 in Astrology Blog 1 Comment

A full year has passed and it’s time to create a new astrology format. This year it will be a description game. The items will always be the same for every sign. The answers will be different according to what I think I know about these sun signs. Here we go: If a Leo were

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Geminis… It’s Twin Season!

Posted by admin on May 23, 2012 in Astrology Blog 8 Comments

The Gemini season is beginning and I have to show them love. Geminis are known for being two-faced. I don’t mean this in a the back-stabbing way, although they may look like back-stabbers because of their twin personalities. What I mean by two-faced is that they have two sides of their personalities. They can be

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